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I do it because I love it!

This is true about everything I do. If I don't love it I don't do it. Period. I've always been that way. I've gotten a lot of slack for it, but it works for me so whatever.

I was born to be a professional lover. I've known this since I was a little girl. Before I knew what sex was and the complexities of mature adult needs, I knew I wanted to spend my time loving people and helping people and being a significant part of people's lives. Even though the 'dark world' of professional companionship intrigued me, I never thought it was a real possibility because I wasn't ready to embrace the discretion necessary to have it as part of my life in a balanced, healthy way. So I pursued psychology, counselling, health and wellness, business, and even law...all as an attempt to find my way to really help people. By 'help people' I mean to help people be more successful in their lives - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially...holistically. And this career accomplishes that! In weird and wonderful ways! And everything I have done has prepared me for this. And I love it!

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