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Sensually Therapeutic

It's perfect that I can bring my 20 years experience as a RMT to my lovers. Whether you need some relaxation massage or some deep therapeutic massage, I am an expert at making sure your needs are met while you stay comfortable and relaxed. Everything I do is sensually therapeutic, and my massage is probably the most obvious example of that. It is extremely satisfying for me to have a lover leave my place feeling better than when they arrived...and better for days or weeks! Pain, stiffness, loss of mobility...even numbness and tingling...I love helping you to be a better version of you! My favorite part though is that I don't have to worry about getting massage oils on my clothes ;)

I could certainly provide therapeutic massage as a business still...but I don't. I simply include it as part of valuable time spent with Christa Carlyle. So plan accordingly :)

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