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The love is real

I am a lover - of life and of people. In the truest sense. Like Jesus lol. I make a deliberate point of truly and unconditionally loving every person I'm in contact with, even at the grocery store. Don't worry it doesn't make me look weird or anything, you'd never even know it. I do it for me because it feels good to have that kind of energy flowing through me. And people feel it which is nice too.

Okay I'm going to share one of my 'secrets'. Ready for it??

My secret to how I make you feel loved and truly cared for while we talk and kiss, while I caress and lick you everywhere, while I do those things to you that you didn't know you'd like....is that it's real. That's it!

Now, let's talk about love...

Loving somebody doesn't mean wanting to play house and share taxes together. That's only one kind of love, and for that we do have to pick one lucky someone.

I'm a expert with analogies, but I haven't been able to find an analogy that satisfies our special relationship...I think of my hairdresser of 15 years, my psychologist, my best friend, my brother, my soccer team mates...I have a close and intimate relationship with all those people and they have a special place in my heart. But what WE have HERE is still different. We go to places in our hearts and with our bodies that is different altogether. Not just because it involves sex stuff, but because it involves trust and vulnerability in ways that many people NEVER experience with anybody else. That's what it is!!! It's the rarity of what we share that makes it so damn special with us! So intensely satisfying!

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