• Christa

Journey of discovery

It is incredibly satisfying for me to be on a journey of discovery with every lover! I don't mean to be disrespectful when he tells me things with certainty, and my response is playfully something like 'we'll see'. I know you think you know your body, your interests, your boundaries, your limits...but honestly experience shows me every day that 'we'll see'. I'm not aggressive, ever! We are on a journey of discovery together, and that's how it always feels - naturally progressive. Very hard to describe, and many lovers have tried to put it into words also and they just can't. So I guess you need to come see for yourself ;)

You think you have an issue with erection? You think you 'finish' too fast or take too long? You think you can only 'finish' once in an hour? You think you only like it this way or that way?

Take the journey with me, and we'll see.

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