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Something's wrong in this world

When I was a teenager I read a LOT of romance novels. I was a sensual horny teenager!

There was a lot of content of how to properly treat a woman. It was like a manual! (Should have been targeting the the male reading audience better!! lol) Intentionally tracing the curves of her body. Exactly how to kiss her neck to make her whole body give you permission, licking from her tender arm pit and down her side to her hip bone so she now doesn't have a single thought left in her head. Sucking gently 'near' the parts that are starting to beg for more, and now you have her surrender. Teasing kisses up her inner thigh while purposely avoiding the hips pushing up at you for more, yes make her beg with her moans. My god it was like drugs! So erotic and delicious!!

But never, NEVER did I read about those things being done to a man! NEVER NOT ONCE! That's when I realized something is wrong in this world and I proclaimed (silently in my own thoughts) it should be my mission to change that for men everywhere!!!

And so that's what I do. And it's just as erotic and delicious as I remember!

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