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A typical Christa Hour

"Wait wait wait!" he says, "I don't want to finish too soon!" I'm like what does 'finish' mean to you exactly? We have a whole hour to enjoy each other! A Christa Hour, in fact, so just relax and enjoy.

It's not like I'm in a hurry, but when it feels that good you just gotta go with it and trust the process. There's a time to drag it out and there's a time to just let it happen! So two minutes later I'm licking him clean. Yummy! 'There', I said, 'now that we can think clearly let's get to know each other.' (That's called intermission lol)

A little chit chat (about intimate things, meaningful things, life stories - NOT annoying mood killing stuff about industry drama!), laughing, sharing. Massage the back, the feet, the hands, the bum...ohhh the bum... And I start to lick again, because that's what I do. I can't resist skin on my tongue and lips!

Okay what some might call 'round two' happens.

So now he's really thinking he's 'done'. But I define 'done' differently and we still have lots of time. That's right, time for another intermission. Caressing the parts of you that have never been discovered before. Kissing the parts of you that think they only get attention when they are 'at attention'. Nope, I enjoy and appreciate ALL of you; I want you to know how that feels.

Oopsies, round three. Where did that come from??!! It's honestly not that I'm on a mission for it, but it just usually happens that way ;)

And can you believe we still have time! For a cuddle just like if we crawled into bed together at home for an afternoon nap. So sweet and delicious. That's the shit that fills the soul!

How long has it been? I have no idea. He feels guilty for taking up WAY too much of my time. Turns out it's been just over an hour...a Christa Hour.

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