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'there are places you can go for that'

He was a good husband. And they had a long a wonderful marriage. Raised three beautiful children to adulthood together. And then she got sick. And she stayed sick for a long time. And he stayed a good husband, maybe even a better husband. Towards the end she told him that he's a good man and that she wouldn't want him to be lonely without her. Even if he doesn't find another good woman, he shouldn't be lonely. 'There are places you can go for that', she said. Which was a very progressive thought for quite a jealous wife to have! And so she passed, and he mourned, and then he was lonely. Where does one even begin to look for the 'places you can go for that'? But he did find me. And soon after we met he said he doesn't even feel guilty because his wife would have approved of me. That touched my heart in a new way. I honor her and I appreciate her. And now he gets to play in ways he never imagined was possible. He is young and sexy again, and happy and moving forward with his work and his hobbies and his grandbabies. And I am honored to be a part of his journey and I will be happy when he finds a new life love, because he's a hell of a catch!

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