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I get asked how much notice I need to book time together. I don't have a hard answer for that. It depends. It depends on my schedule, on your schedule, and a million other factors in our lives. We might book weeks in advance and then one of us has to reschedule. Or you might ask if I'm available in a couple hours and I am. 

I try to be accommodating and flexible and understanding, and I hope for that from you too. It's disappointing when life gets in the way of fun plans, but shit happens. And it's  fantastic when a spontaneous sexy rendezvous comes together!! 

Never be afraid to text about my availability. I think part of the fun is the suspense, anticipation, periodic disappointment, and thrill of making our dates! 

(Of course if you make a habit of texting but not booking, or booking and cancelling last minute, I'll be less interested in replying to you.) 

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