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Social Time

I don't offer 'social time'. I don't have time for it, to be honest. At least not at a reduced rate and never for our first time together. We can include a little outing as part of an extended visit maybe, if I've seen you before, but if I'm very honest I just don't think it's usually the best way to spend our time (and your money.) Even with in a 3 hour or 12 hour date there are so many things to do in private that makes the time fly! And we can be naked for most of it!! Of course if there's an event or function you would like me to accompany you, or to share a common interest, we can make that part of our date (naked or not naked, depending on the function lol.)

I consider myself an introvert but everyone who knows me disagrees lol. It's really just that I prefer one-on-one time. But I do love to socialize too. I comfortably fit into any environment with literally any type of people. Business people, party people, family people, swingers lifestyle people...everybody! I am not intimidated by 'smart' or 'successful' people, so don't worry about that. I'm smart and successful too ;), and I have so much varied life experience that it's easy for me to adapt to any situation easily and authentically.

If we are out in public together I do not engage in public displays of affection - hand holding, kissing. It's a small world and I'd hate to have to explain that to someone! But I am naturally affectionate and attentive and engaging, so it's not like you'll feel ignored or neglected. And the more comfortable I am in a situation, the more physically expressive I get...but never inappropriately. I read a room well. I do, however, make very good use of private moments...

So although I don't offer 'social time', I'm not opposed to it with the right lover at the right time in the right situation.

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