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How to get ready for me

I want you FEELING sexy! Because THAT'S sexy!! How you dress, how you shave, etc is up to you. 

If you want to shave or trim because it makes you feel sexy, then please do! But don't do it for me...I'm not picky that way. 

Be clean! If you're not VERY recently showered, then hop into my shower to freshen up. Please do not put cologne, baby powder, body spray, deodorant, etc anywhere I might want to lick you. And I will want to lick you EVERYWHERE, so just au naturelle please! But I have all that stuff available for you to use after our cleanup shower if you'd like. (Don't worry about showering taking up precious time...I don't count it as session time unless you're in a hurry and book 'up to 30/60 minutes.)

I also have mouthwash available which you are welcome to at any time. 

If you are a smoker, do not have a cigarette immediately before getting to my door and please take a moment to freshen up when you arrive. (I'm a non smoker and all the gum and cologne in the world doesn't clean up the taste and smell of fresh cigarette!)

DO NOT have any drugs or alcohol before you arrive. It's okay to be nervous, but you'll be comfortable in about 10 seconds so you don't need that stuff. Trust me, I'm all the 'drugs' you need!

Always text when you've arrived and wait in your vehicle until I invite you to the door. If you arrive early and ring my doorbell unannounced, I will not answer. If that happens, do not sit in my front yard to wait...please wait in your car! Discretion is so important to me!! 

And relax! Just relax! Come as you are and don't worry about anything! 


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