• Christa

Are they real?

They've been this size since grade 10, which is honestly more of a hindrance than a gift, but you don't want me to go on about that. You just want to look at them and play with them and feel me rub them all over your body!

Yes. And no. But mostly yes. They are the exact same size and shape and feel as they were before spending many years as a loyal and dedicated mother, if you know what I mean.

If you didn't ask the question, or if I was someone who could easily ramble off a story that I think you want to hear, you'd never know!

I dare you to come feel them for yourself! I double dog dare you! Especially if you are an all natural kind of guy, because then especially YOU will love them and you'll love me!

If you like big round hard plastic feeling breasts, you won't like them at all. They move, they bend, they bounce around. But I can still suck on my own nipples, which is important lol.

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