• Christa

High Maintenance

You guys make me high maintenance! And I love it!!

It feels amazing to take the time for myself. Nails, pedicures, lashes, and some other things ;). I've never been so high maintenance in my life lol.

I know I know, some of you want to be sweet and say those things aren't necessary and I'm perfect just the way I am blah blah blah. Maybe you don't even notice my nails and toes and lashes...but I know you notice when a lady is NOT put together well; when she has NOT put the effort in to show you you're worth that investment on her part. And that's important to me, because YOU are important to me!

So as I sit here being 'pampered' I think about my amazing lovers who make it all possible. You help me to make ME a priority - my health and my happiness - because then I can always be my best for you!

Honestly I don't sit here feeling all prissy or entitled...I feel special and lucky! And I feel honored to have relationships where we impact each other's lives in wonderful ways, in so many ways.


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