• Christa

WTF just happened?!

That's what you'll say shortly after our visit. Probably by the time you get into your car. That's what I hear, anyways, on a regular basis! Then you'll book another visit so you can experience it again from your new perspective.

Let's keep it real - it's not that I'm a fashion model from some magazine, or that I have a body of an olympic athlete, or that I just stepped off a porn set. I don't try to pretend any of those things are true. I'm just a nice girl who is full of layers of passion!

But I can tell you what happens on a very consistent basis... You enter my magical space where strange and wonderful things happen! Time stops and details are, um, skewed, somehow.

We 'feel' like we are breathtakingly beautiful people! We experience what it's like to be part of our own hollywood love scene! We see each other through the eyes of a movie camera; the light on the curves of our bodies, the sounds we make from raw passion and pleasure. Every deliberate touch to explore each other in the most delicious and intimate ways. We say things and do things we never imagined before, but it's perfect and safe and delicious! We notice sensations that we've only read about and thought was surely fiction. The whole experience happens in snapshots of artistic perfection. Time doesn't exist.

Suddenly when we come back to our regular senses, we feel satisfied in a way that temporarily feels like we will never be the same. As we lie together, curled up in each other, caressing and sighing and lightly chatting, we wonder how much time has passed...hours?

I do my best to gently but quickly bring you back to present reality so you are ready to shower and get back to your day. But in your car you will wonder 'WTF just happened?!'...at least this is what I hear all the time! You will think of me, more so of the details of our time together because you might not even remember what I look like! For the rest of the day, and still over the next few days. Then you will see me again, for two reasons: 1) to see if it was real and if I'm always like that, and 2) to experience all of that again from your new perspective of having experienced it once already.

Trust me, it only gets better!

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