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Your safety and discretion is important to me! I don't mind at all if you want to see another lady and she requires a reference. But I won't say anything about you until I get confirmation from you that it was your request! It's probably faster if you just give me a heads up, instead of waiting for her to contact me then me to contact you to confirm. 

I do not share intimate details, or your personal details. Just basically if there's any issues or concerns she should be aware of, and if I'd see you again. I don't want to influence your discovery of each other, so I'm quite brief.

If I don't remember you, I'll tell her that too lol. So if I've seen you once, two years ago, I might not remember our time together from just your phone number...duh! That doesn't necessarily mean I can't give a reference, but you may have to jog my memory. I have a really good memory, but if all you tell me is 'remember I made you feel amazing that one time'...doesn't really make you stick out lol.

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