• Christa

My Goals

I have goals! Goals are good! Everyone should have goals!

1) Experience climax together. As in at the same time. And I think we should keep working towards that, however long it takes. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon! That's a glorious experience that shouldn't be missed! And then there's so many different ways to make that happen! (Blissful sigh) 

2) To make you forget about time and space, rules and inhibitions. Just simply forget. So that I can

3) Find those special things you may or may not know about and introduce you to a whole new universe of pleasure so you're like 'oh my god!'

4) To make you feel like the perfect sexy beast you are! Not just feel it...BELIEVE it! Confident and powerful! Understood and appreciated. Exactly as you are! So you go back out into the world glowing!

5) Okay let me be honest, keeping it real here... every time I see you I want to hear "that's a first!" at least once! At least. I've grown to LOVE that! I kinda get off on it ;).  Don't worry we can spread it out amongst several rendezvous...I'm never in a hurry. 

And I want to know your goals! In life and in love. 

Hugs and kisses


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