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Twitter Q&A #1

'Fred' says,

"What's the question you've always wanted someone to ask?

...seems silly, but I've interviewed hundreds of people professionally and that's always my last question and it can elicit amazing replies!"

Wow what an incredible first Twitter question!!!

I've always wanted someone to ask me how it is that I can make every single lover feel like they are my one and only favorite lover. As though it must take a lot of effort to put the 'act' on so easily, or some sort of notes system I keep lol.

It's kind of a boring answer. But it's the truth and it's the only way I could possibly emotionally, mentally and physically manage SO MANY lovers!

What I do is I stay present and focused in every moment with you. While I am texting with you, you are my only lover. When you come to my door, you are my only lover. The whole time we are together, you are my only lover. Every time I think of you in the days, weeks, months afterwards, you are my only lover. We have our own little bubble, and so it's a natural thing for me to remember you ...really remember you...when we enter that bubble together again and again.

And when I say 'lover', I mean my favorite special lover of all time! Because what we have is special and unique. And that's the only truth the whole time I am focused on you, whether it's for seconds or minutes or hours!

So it's not magic, or effort, or a trick...it's just focused sincerity.

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