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Twitter Q&A #2

'Sheff' says,

"Some of your adventures, as written up on CAF, are pretty wild (in the fantastic sense.) Do you find yourself 'craving' even more incredible sexual experiences to top previous ones?"

Thanks Sheffy baby! Great question!

Some of my most incredible sexual experiences were never written about on CAF and would likely never be considered 'wild'. In my personal opinion.

Like when someone has me tingling with curiosity just from a well written text of introduction. Then aching with anticipation as we set a date. Saying hello at the door our eyes lock and it's all confirmed! Welcome back, darling, it feels like it's been an eternity since we've been together...or another lifetime? Or another dimension? I am dripping from the smell of his skin, his hot breath on my hair. I don't even know his name...I don't even realize I am undoing his buttons.

Or when someone so unassuming, who hasn't necessarily said or done the 'perfect' things, gets me into that position and does that thing that takes me to new places in my mind and body that I've never experienced before! Leaving me confused and vulnerable and completely surrendered to delicious bliss.

Now THAT'S wild! And that's what I crave more of!

The other stuff is so much fun, it really is! But it doesn't make me crave more like it. Although with each experience I think I am more confident and open minded to go a little further into new places! Little seeds get planted, waiting for the perfect opportunity. Which often sounds like "I have an idea..." Which you might have heard me say ;)

Now excuse me while I take a few minutes to do some reminiscing...sigh

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