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I like you

Often times when I tell someone I like them, they say I get paid to say that. Let me clear that up – no that is not what I get for! I get paid to spend time with you. And I will only spend time with you if I like you. No amount of money will make me spend time with you if I do not like you! When I tell you I like you, it's because I feel it and then it spills out of me in words. 

Furthermore, anything I say is because I felt it and thought it and then it is expressed in words. It's easy for me to find something nice to say, but I don't make shit up! So if I tell you you are beautiful or sexy, or you make me feel amazing, or you are particularly good at something, it's the truth from from my perspective in that moment! You can count on that!

I just really wanted to say that.

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