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Twitter Q&A #3

A twitter follower asks,

"Have you worked in massage parlours before venturing on your own?"

Yes I have, very briefly, twice. 

At 19 years old was my introduction to the world of professional companionship through a massage parlour/escort agency as a summer job. I had always been so curious, ALWAYS!, and I was a super horny young lady, SUPER! Can you even imagine me then?!?! Jesus. I had no idea the potential I had to rule the world with my passion and seductive ways! Lol

Anyways I was nervous as hell the first time, but instantly felt like I had found my purpose in life. It was honestly an incredible  experience in every way! Pretty much exactly as it is now, except I have that much more depth and experience to offer the amazing gentlemen I meet now. Yes a little drama happened, some learning the ropes the hard way for a good girl honor student who had only studied porn til then lol. But overall  amazing. My clients helped me grow strong and confident and empowered. 

But alas Summer came to an end and I had a degree or two to get back home. In fact my clients insisted I go back to school and do 'good' things with my life. I felt loved and supported and appreciated in ways that were very new to me! I never forgot and I always missed it. I still remember every client, they were integral in my life. 

Two and a half years ago things in my life fell into place again for me to take a look at the industry again. I prayed and prayed for such an opportunity! And now I was terrified and excited, again lol. Before I thought I was too young, and now I thought I was too old lol. Both times I thought I wasn't pretty enough...some things never change lol. 

I immediately got licensed as an independent escort, knowing that was the best route for me. I've been an entrepreneur my whole life and I like to make my own rules!

But when I looked at renting a room at a MP for a couple months while getting my feet wet, I became good friends with one of the staff and decided to work there and be put on their schedule for a little while. It was a lot of fun, I learned a ton, and it was the perfect bridge to getting out on my own a couple months later! I made a couple great friends, and actually I am eternally grateful to one gal in particular who was a huge influence in me getting to know who Christa Carlyle is! I'd love to keep in touch, but sadly there are 'bigger' powers who disapprove ...maybe one day, even just for lunch and a thankyou gift...

I heard every day that I didn't belong at a MP. Guys just recognized that it wasn't the best environment for me and how I like to do things. I'm pretty homey; I like to welcome you 'home!' And I'm also pretty bold; I never know what 'going with the flow' will look like, or sound like lol, and it's better to have our privacy ;)

I'm home. And I welcome you home.


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