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Please Don't Do That

Mutual respect is harder to find than it sounds. Because it needs to be 'mutual' and it seems everyone assumes their definition of respectful behavior should be the standard norm. What one person thinks is respectful, another person might think is abhorrent!

So be intuitive about it. Listen to your spidey senses. People share a lot about themselves between the lines (so you know what you're going to get between the sheets ;). Haha see what I did there? Anyways...

Note: I hate when ladies post their opinions on behalf of everyone. Like rules and conditions, how to conduct your messages and your behavior, what to do with the money, etc. Most of which I think "Please don't do that!". So any time you find a list of do's and don't's by another lady, don't assume they necessarily apply to everyone!

For example:

  • Please don't tell me in your text what 'services' you want! But do tell me how long you'd like to stay.

  • Please don't be afraid to text periodically before we meet to keep in touch and build a connection.

  • Please touch base once in a while for a sexy little hi, even if you aren't planning on booking any time soon. I like the connection.

  • Please don't watch the clock, let me take care of that. And if I take us past time, that's on me!

  • Please don't feel obligated to tip or bring gifts.

  • Please don't be afraid to share yourself openly. I'm like a priest, safe and confidential. Okay more like a professional therapist which is probably safer than a priest ;) just kidding, but which I actually am also.

  • Please don't assume anything you've heard from anyone else applies to me. Let's just relax and see where we take us.

So how are you supposed to know who's compatible for you and how to treat that particular lady respectfully? Read her website and anything she writes. If it's that important to you, and it feels like a considerable financial commitment, it should be worth your time to do some research. Because it's all so individual and depends what you want. Invited and welcomed like a valued gentleman, or in and out like a corner store. Warm and fuzzy with emotional involvement, or a business transaction that gets the deed done. You get to decide! It's all hot and sexy, if you're in that mood. After a little research you can't possibly then fault her for being too cold, or too chatty, or too touchy feely, or kinda bitchy. It's all out there if you read between the lines and follow your instincts. I hear complaints all the time from guys about their experience with another lady, and usually I just need to look at one ad and I could have told him to expect that.

And as for me, how do you know what I consider respectful? You should know by now I don't have a lot of rules, regarding anything. I spend my time with people who are naturally kind and thoughtful, gentlemanly but secretly naughty, pretty vanilla with a curious sexy beast inside. And you can always ask! I'm not going to freak out if you ask me a question!!

It's up to each of us to set our own boundaries as we figure out our unique relationship. And for me that's a lot of the adventure and fun!

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