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Personal Professional Standard

I have high standards. Just in general. But especially when it comes to the quality of our time together. Neither of us should feel like our time was wasted. And you should feel like it was the best money you've ever spent! For me anyways. 

I'm not happy unless we both walk away satisfied at every level. It's that combination of 'doing' and also just 'being'. The doing comes from the being, I think. For me anyways. 

Thank you to the lovely gentleman who just visited me, for his first time, and allowed himself to completely relax and embrace my sensual therapeutic massage. Highlighting my oral fetish of course, and yet that was only a part of it...okay three parts of it ;)

It was full body. I mean FULL body! I didn't leave an inch untouched or unlicked. Deep tissue muscle release, tender nurturing relaxation, intimate sensual bliss. His breathing and moaning and sighing guided me, like a dance. Or like swimming in the ocean. I don't know, it was beautiful. And his little twitches as he went to that magical place of almost asleep, completely trusting me to care for all of him while he escaped and energized. That feeds my soul!

You know when you experience something new, and now you can't ever not know it, and it changes you a little? This was that for me! I'm thrilled! And so grateful to my new lover who I hope comes back for more!


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