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Come here baby

This is a story about what is bound to happen when I'm on a plane and a young man, who happens to be gorgeous and charming although that's mostly irrelevant, is very tired. There's an empty seat between us and he's trying to make himself comfortable to sleep for the flight without touching me or disturbing me. Finally I said, "why don't you just lie down and put your head in my lap and sleep."  So he did. And quickly fell asleep. I just continued to read. It was no big deal. And it even felt nice. Like a normal, caring kind of nice.

When he woke up after a couple hours he lied there a bit as we chatted. He had recently been through some traumatic stuff with work that had made it hard for him to sleep. I felt like I had given him a gift - of sleep, not of being on my lap lol. It was nurturing. 

Then he asked if he could touch my boob. And I said no. And he said really? And I said yes, really. And I laughed. 

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