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Be inspired!

I live from a place of inspiration. I always have and I encourage everyone to try it! All those negative people will say it's not possible, all the negative people who have clearly never tried it lol, but I'm here to tell you that it absolutely is - not just possible, but absolutely crucial to live your best life!

I remember someone once said, "But you HAVE to do dishes!" And I said no I don't - I don't do dishes until I'm inspired to do the dishes - sometimes it's every day because it feels fantastic to have a spotless kitchen, and sometimes it's when I suddenly feel inspired because there isn't a clean dish left. Either way, I wait until my juices are flowing to do it lol. Same with laundry and all those other things they say I HAVE to do!

Someone once called me a procrastinator. I corrected them that I don't procrastinate, I simply wait for inspiration. Just because it doesn't fit someone else's schedule, doesn't mean there's something wrong with it! And I can't even tell you how many times I've procrastinated, um I mean waited to be inspired, and was so glad I did because the timing of everything worked out way better than anyone could have even planned!

Think about that! And be inspired!


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