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More of Christa Carlyle - unapologetically me!

for you...

If you already know I'm a fantastic massage therapist and an expert in sensual pleasures, and you know where to find me when you need a good dose of all that lovin', but you're interested in knowing more about me between visits and you want to enhance our intimate relationship, then this blog is for you!

Because during our time together I really am devoted to you getting the deep, thorough, relaxing reprieve you need; and, although that does include me being authentic and sharing myself with you, I know that sometimes you wish there was more opportunity for you to get to know me better.

for me, too...

Twitter is good for cute, funny, witty, sexy little tidbits here and there, and for sharing enough of myself to perhaps intrigue new friends who I haven't met yet, but it's just so darn limiting on so many levels! And that's why this blog is for me, too!

Just between friends

You know I choose my friends very carefully, and this blog is available only to you...

so I can just be unapologetically me!

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