Discover what's possible when you're completely at ease in an intensely sensual environment with an expert lover who's also a massage therapist!



I specialize in providing a high quality, intensely sensual, intimate experience

for singles and couples 30+

Using our bodies and our minds, I show you how intimacy and sensuality can be and maybe even should be in your life - sometimes that means slowing down and simplifying, and sometimes getting a little wild and messy... it all depends what you're looking for, what you need, and where our chemistry takes us! 

I love every single minute of being with you,

and that alone is something that is a new experience for some people!

As I explore you I hope you'll discover new things about yourself - what you enjoy, what you are curious about, how you can really be! 

the girlfriend experience, the pornstar experience, 

the wife experience, the best friend experience,

the therapist experience...

because I have all of it in me, and I have a feeling you do too!





It's never just the physical act of getting a job done,

because we are people who need more than an in & out experience...

we need an intimate human connection!

I welcome you to my private, comfortable, discreet place as my friend and lover. Together we relax and escape the mundane rules and stifling judgements of the every day. When you're with me, the only thing you know is passion and pleasure - from the second you arrive until the second you leave! It might seem unreal, or confusing...like you've entered a magical place; and that's because yes, you HAVE entered a magical place which I've created just for you!

You will feel like you've come 'home' to me,

and you will leave feeling changed for the better - refreshed, revitalized, rediscovered!


I've been told I offer a holistic experience where it is a love affair on every level - physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, and perhaps spiritual. You have my complete attention, and I bring all of my experience and passion to take care of all of you! You have the freedom to be real and honest, to explore your curiosities, to relax and enjoy being fully present in every moment.

Maybe you're new to this sort of thing, or you're tired of feeling disappointed and unsatisfied like you've wasted time and money, or you're just ready to finally try something different. 

  Slow and sensual... fast and furious... 

hot and messy...

I love it all and I'm excited to see where we go!

Safe, discreet, credible,

highly reviewed on cafreviews.com

The wisdom and maturity to intuitively know 

not just 'what' to do, but HOW and WHEN!

Because you deserve to be understood, appreciated, and savoured!

The Ultimate




The Christa Hour... $500

*75 minutes

90 Minutes... $650

(minimum for couples)


2 Hours... $900

My rates are for my time and are not indicative of any particular activity details. They are not negotiable under any circumstances.

I do not provide a 'service menu' and I do not discuss activity details prior to meeting - this discretion is not only for our safety, but it also sets the stage for us to share time together that is mature, discreet, respectful, sincere, and spontaneous. If you try to discuss 'service details', I will not reply and I will not see you. If you are concerned about 'value for your money', I encourage you to do more research to see if I offer the quality of experience you are looking for.

Compatibility is important to me...quality over quantity! I will not see you if I don't think we are a good fit or if I don't think I can be my best for you. However, If I've intrigued your intellect, stimulated your raw desires, and awakened your basic instincts, then I promise we are going to enjoy each other immensely! 

The time you book is always the minimum time you'll get
,,,be sure to tell me if you have to leave by a certain time, so I don't make you late! 

I do not like to discuss money, it kills the mood
...booking options are not negotiable and it's your responsibility to be prepared.

If I keep you longer than our scheduled time, that's my choice
...you are not expected to compensate me for the extra time.

I will gently but clearly indicate when our time is coming to an end
...that is NOT the time for you to start a new conversation or anything else.

'Tipping' is not expected or required
...although it is always appreciated, and I do LOVE to show my appreciation!

The Christa Carlyle Experience is intensely sensual professional companionship for 30+ who are looking for something different than a stereotype