Christa Carlyle

independent escort #177367610-001

Sensual & Erotic
playful & adventurous
nurturing & wholistic

$500 Hr.      $650 90min.       $900 2hr.


I'm a 46 year old every day woman who you'd never suspect provides professional intimate encounters, but when you get to know me you won't be surprised - everything about it comes very naturally to me and it's an outlet for all my passions - so really the surprise is that I waited until I was 40 to get into it!  I'm dynamic and intriguing, and sensuality oozes from me no matter what I'm doing. I laugh easily and I care deeply about people. I'm a nurturer, I can't help it. I'm also a successful entrepreneur with an interesting range of endeavours under my belt. Our discretion and safety is important to me. I'm classy and mature, and also playful and naughty! I don't drink, smoke or do drugs because I'm simply more fun without it. I have a normal life and I strive to maintain a healthy state of mind. If you want someone to rescue from her victimized life, I'm not the girl you're looking for. I enjoy meaningful time with like-minded individuals who are drawn to me in a way that feels natural and magnetic.

I've been a successful massage therapist for over 20 years but my background also includes communications, psychology, and nutritional health. I bring all of me to our time together so I can take care of all of you in a way that feels sensual and erotic, playful and adventurous, nurturing and holistic. What I love most about our time together is letting the details naturally unfold as we explore and enjoy each other. 

I'm kind, thoughtful and sincere. I'm serious but also playful, sarcastic and witty. At times I can be silly and I'm always alluring. You can expect to have my undivided attention because I take your relaxation and satisfaction very seriously.