Christa Carlyle

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$500. 60min.     $650. 90min.    $900. 2hr.

People always think I'm about 37, but really I'm a 47 year old every day woman who you might end up chatting with in a line somewhere. I have a normal life and I strive to maintain a healthy state of mind. If you want someone to rescue from her victimized life, I'm not the girl you're looking for. I enjoy meaningful time with like-minded people who are drawn to me in a way that feels naturally magnetic, so it's perfect that we have this opportunity together! 

I pursued a variety of interests in my life before moving into this profession when I was 40yo. I've been a successful massage therapist now for over 20yrs and it's still one of my passions, but more of my professional background also includes business communications, human psychology, and nutritional health. I bring all of me into our time together so I can connect with you on every level in a way that's authentic, sensual, erotic, and holistic.


I'm dynamic and intriguing, and sensuality oozes from me no matter what I'm doing. I laugh easily and I care deeply about people. I'm classy and mature, and also playful and curious. I'm cautious but free-spirited. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs because I'm simply more fun without it.


I'm kind, thoughtful and sincere. I'm serious, sarcastic and witty. I know how to have interesting conversation that's actually interesting to you, and I'm not afraid of a comfortable silence.

My goal in life, regardless what I'm doing, is to enhance people's lives in a meaningful and powerful way. Everything I do is with purpose.