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People are always surprised to hear that I'm 48 because I look and act much younger, and then they're surprised I'm so young when they get to know the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience I have. All in all, I'm an every day woman who settles comfortably in any situation. I have a normal life and I strive to maintain a healthy state of mind. If you want someone to rescue from her victimized life, I'm not the girl you're looking for. I enjoy meaningful time with like-minded people who are drawn to me in a way that feels naturally magnetic. 


I bravely embarked on this journey when I was 40yo as an outlet for my deep desire to connect with people in a way that's delicious and thrilling, and I continue to be gifted with my success in enhancing the lives of incredible people who choose to share themselves with me in the most intimate ways - physically, mentally, emotionally. I've been a successful massage therapist for over 20years, which makes me a quick friend for people, and my professional background also includes business communications, human psychology, and nutritional health. 

I'm dynamic and intriguing, and sensuality oozes from me no matter what I'm doing. I laugh easily and I care deeply about people. I'm classy and mature, and playful and curious. I'm cautious but also free-spirited. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, simply because I'm more fun without it! I'm kind, thoughtful and sincere. I'm sarcastic and witty. I know how to have interesting conversation that's actually interesting to you,  and I'm not afraid of comfortable silence.


My goal in life, regardless what I'm doing, is to enhance people's lives in a meaningful and powerful way. Everything I do is with purpose.

| $500 / hour + $250 / half hour |


Christa Carlyle

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