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| classy and professional with the right amount of naughty |

The one thing you can always expect is professional massage with uninhibited sensual attention to detail! I am a skilled and talented massage therapist (RMT) and an expert in sensual pleasure, so it's no surprise that I use massage the entire time we are together - to relax, to comfort, to explore, to stimulate, to entice, to tease, to release. I purposefully weave various types of touch and stimulation throughout our visit so it flows with how our focus flows and changes - exploring your curiosities and taking care of all your needs so you feel better in every way! 


Although there's no way to predict the details of how we'll enjoy each other,  you're welcome to visit cafreviews and search my name to see what others have shared about their experiences.

There is nothing for you to think about or worry about as I welcome you and make you feel immediately at home. You have my undivided attention and I hope to exceed any expectations you thought you had. I am open to possibilities while being acutely aware of boundaries ...which is what allows you to fully relax, explore, play and discover. Really you just have to trust your intuition, my expertise, my character, and my reputation - which I understand is too difficult for some to imagine, but it's exactly the quality of experience others are looking for!

In the interest of mutual integrity and safety, I will never discuss via text or email what activities might be possible in how I fulfill my promise of your complete satisfaction. Rest assured that I am naturally an over-achiever who is eager to please, I don't waste a single minute, and your passion is my passion! If you ask for 'service details', I will not reply and I will not see you. 

| $500 / hour + $250 / half hour |

Christa Carlyle

  • The visit time you book is the actual time we spend together, and I don't waste a single minute of it! Your freshening up and cleaning up isn't included in the scheduled time, so plan accordingly.

  • It isn't unusual for me to spontaneously extend our visit so we don't feel hurried, which is my gift to you and I don't expect additional compensation; but when our visit does feel complete, please be courteous and respectful of my time.

  • I want you to be able to relax and forget about time altogether during our visit, so tell me beforehand if you have somewhere to be afterwards so I can be sure to not make you late!




  • Text me or email me to inquire about availability. I don't answer phone calls and I don't reply to twitter inquiries.

  • A half deposit by etransfer is required to confirm our date. 

  • Compatibility is crucial for us to thoroughly enjoy ourselves - which really only means it needs to be a positive interaction all around - so I will not book time with you if I feel like our communication is uncomfortable in any way (awkward, stressful, demanding, annoying, confusing.)

  • If you're a mature, respectful gentleman and I haven't replied within a day or two, please message me again in case I missed it. If you're not sure if you're a mature, respectful gentleman, that's likely why I didn't reply.

  • If I don't pursue meeting with someone, it's not because I 'don't like them', its because I care about them having an extraordinary experience - perhaps I don't feel like I can provide that at this time, or perhaps I don't feel like I'm the best choice for them.

  • I really enjoy meeting people who are normal with a nice personality and interesting character. You don't have to impress me or anything, you just have to show me who you are.

  • I host in my discrete private residence in Edmonton Alberta.  I do not travel.


  • Compensation details are clearly listed and are not negotiable, regardless how we spend our time together. 

  • A non-refundable half-deposit by etransfer is required to confirm our date. If you give more than 24hr notice of cancellation, I will apply your deposit to our next date. If I cancel at any time for any reason, I will refund your deposit within 24hr.

  • Please arrive prepared so we don't have to ruin the intimate mood by discussing 'business details'; in other words, don't ask me "how much?".

  • I graciously accept gifts of appreciation for the extra time and energy I put into giving you an extraordinary experience, but a gift is never expected and either way doesn't affect the quality of attention you can expect.

$250/half hour


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