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Christa Carlyle

The thrill of 
spontaneous desire.

The confidence of
expertise and skill.

$500 75min.    $650 90min.     $900 2hr.

I offer an elevated level of professional intimacy that is comprehensive, wholistic, and catered to your unique needs and desires. This is where you come when you're craving a sincere personal connection while you explore and discover what's possible for you in the world of pleasure!

You should come eager and excited. Just like I do! Because every session is unique - sometimes more nurturing and sensual, sometimes more wild and naughty - and I'm always excited to see how I will be inspired to please you this time!

Regardless why you are seeking professional intimacy and what you hope to get out of it, I will naturally and easily accommodate all your boundaries and restrictions without it ever feeling limited or awkward. This is your time, and I am here exclusively for you!


I do not offer a 'service menu' or discuss details of how I guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you ask about specific activity details before we even meet, I won't respond and I won't see you (not necessarily because the things you want aren't possible, but because I prefer to spend time with people who want more than a 'checklist experience'.)


If you still don't know if I'm what you're looking for, I'm probably not.

But you can find a variety of reviews on that might help you decide, or to find someone better suited to you.

Compensation for my time

Edmonton Incall Sessions

$500. 75min.

$650. 90min.

$900. 2hr.

By Exception, For Established Relationships Only

$1400. 3hr.

$2500. 6hr.

$3400. 12hr.(overnight, includes 6hr. set aside for sleep.)

$4500. 12hr.(all day)

For Couples Only*

Fully Interactive: 3-way Exploration

$1200. 2hr.

$1600. 3hr.

Partially Interactive: Couple's Sensual Massage

$900. 2hr.

$1200. 3hr.

*Because every relationship dynamic is unique, I include the extra time it takes for me to get familiar with your relationship's goals and needs and to build the excitement; however, a 50% deposit is required (with or without the session being booked) for me to invest that time of getting to know you both and establishing our connection. Be warned though that, without fail, a couple sees significant benefits even by beginning the conversation ;))

Want to just talk about it for now? $100/20min.

...seriously, having me in your thoughts might be all the extra spice you two need!

(note: only my 'actual' texting time counts - you don't pay for your side of the conversation - and I know how to make the most of our time!)