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Christa Carlyle

'Quality is remembered
long after price is forgotten.'  
Aldo Gucci

$500 Hr.      $650 90min.       $900 2hr.

You can always expect highly concentrated quality attention, but you won't find a 'service menu' because the details of how we spend our time together depends on our chemistry and our mood. My goal is to give you exactly what you want and need, and in a way that you never could have planned for or expected. Really you just have to trust my expertise, my character, and my reputation - which is too difficult for some to imagine, but exactly what others are looking for! 


This is an opportunity for you to take a break from planning and worrying for a change! Let me take care of you. I want you to feel so catered to, so relaxed, and so lost in pleasure that all thought practically ceases to exist for a while!



$500. Hour

When you want to experience satisfaction!
I cover all the bases and every inch of you,
while focusing on the parts that matter most.
Intensely sensual, incredibly 
and deeply satisfying.


$650. 90min.

When you want to experience fulfillment!
I explore all of you more 
thoroughly -
discovering all the ways you crave my attention
so you can melt into new sensations and pleasures
as I take care of all of your needs.


$900. 2hr.

When you want to experience exhilaration!
I delve even more into your interests,
passions and curiosities, so all of you comes alive
with satisfaction, fulfillment and inspiration!


Special Exceptions

only for gentlemen I know and love

$400. 40min.

A time-sensitive option, so you don't have to sacrifice quality when you're limited.
The same intensely sensual attention to detail you've come to expect, but streamlined to accommodate your busy schedule. 

$3600/12hr. night
$4500/12hr. day

session time

  • The session time you book is the actual time we spend together, which does not include time for you to freshen up before and clean up after so try to have about an extra 15 minutes in your schedule for that.

  • It is not unusual for me to spontaneously extend our session time so we don't feel hurried, which is my gift to you and I don't expect additional compensation.

  • I want you to be able to relax and forget about time altogether during our session, so tell me beforehand if you have somewhere to be afterwards so I can be sure to not make you late.​


  • Text or email to inquire about the possibility of scheduling time together when I'm in Edmonton Alberta.

  • Compatibility is everything, so I like to spend some time getting to know one another. Tell me a little about yourself, how you found me, and your availability. 

  • If I don't reply within a day or two I might be out of town or I didn't see your message, so feel free to message again. When I'm out of town I respond to emails faster than texts

  • I only reply to inquiries that interest me, which only means it needs to be a mature and respectful introduction that engages me like a normal person. This is my most valuable screening process for compatibility, because some people just aren't capable of 'mature, respectful, and engaging'.

  • Examples of messages I do not reply to: 'hru'; 'how much'; 'what do you offer babe', 'r u avail'

  • I host in Edmonton Alberta. I do not travel. I do not travel. I do not travel.


Compensation details are clearly listed and are not negotiable, regardless how we spend our time together. 

accept etransfer and cash.

Please arrive prepared so we don't have to ruin the sensual, intimate mood by discussing 'business'.

I graciously accept gifts of appreciation for the extra time and energy I put into giving you an extraordinary experience, but a gift is never expected and either way doesn't affect the quality of attention you can expect.

A 50% deposit is required before I will commit to a booking if:

  • it's the first time we are meeting, or

  • it's been longer than 1 year since we've met, or

  • you've developed a habit of cancelling last minute, or

  • there's limited availability in my schedule.


  • If I trust you enough to not ask for a deposit, I also trust you to be considerate and thoughtful about having to cancel - by giving me plenty of notice and/or sending me compensation for my inconvenience. 

  • If I have to cancel I will give as much notice as possible and return your deposit.

  • If you cancel with adequate notice, I will apply your deposit to your next booking.

  • If you cancel last minute or just don't show up at all, I will consider your deposit payment for the time I invested in you.