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Christa Carlyle

A bag of tricks
isn't magical...

what's magical is
how you feel!

$500 75min.    $650 90min.     $900 2hr.

I invite you to join me in my cozy, discreet, private place to enjoy an elevated level of professional intimacy that is an extraordinary and comprehensive experience - with the spontaneity of real chemistry and intense sensuality, as well as the confidence of professional expertise and sincere intentions. This is where you come when you're craving a personal connection, you want to explore your curiosities and desires, and you're ready to discover new possibilities of pleasure.

You should come eager and excited,  just like I do!, because every session is unique - sometimes more nurturing and sensual, sometimes more wild and naughty. 


I do not offer a 'service menu' or make promises in terms of how I guarantee your complete satisfaction (because we are real people - you are not an ATM machine and I am not a service-vending machine.) My rates are for my time regardless what we do with it, which is a beautiful thing when you're curious to see how I'll be inspired to please you!


I will naturally and easily accommodate all your boundaries and restrictions without it ever feeling limited or awkward. I understand there are many reasons for a person to seek professional intimacy, and all of your needs are valid and important!


If you ask about specific activity details before we even meet, I won't respond and I won't see you - not because the things you want aren't possible, but because I obviously don't offer the 'type' of experience you're looking for.


You can find a variety of reviews on that might help you decide if I'm what you're looking for (or will provide a stimulating read, at least ;)), but remember our details will always depend on our own chemistry and mood.