'Why isn't there a 60 minute option?"

Because 60 minutes isn't long enough for the dynamic experience you're looking for. 


"What if I only have time for an hour or less?"

My minimum booking is a Christa Hour. For our first time together I insist that you make room in your schedule for a full 'Christa Hour'; anyone who has seen me before isn't going to be worried about having to leave a few minutes early once in a while, seriously.

"If a 'Christa Hour' is already 75min, then why would I pay so much more for 90min?"

It's up to you. All I can say is that I am very deliberate and thoughtful about how I set my rates and I am proud of the quality I provide; I'm not going to try to justify or explain it, you just have to go with what feels best to you. I will say, though, that we do cover a lot of ground in a Christa Hour but an extra 15 minutes or so significantly changes the atmosphere and allows more opportunity for, well, more! I really do make good use of every-single-minute we have! I highly recommend 90 minutes and it is the most popular choice. 

"How old are you REALLY?" 

I'm 45 now, but I'm told I look closer to 36. Cute story: an older gentleman came to see me and admitted later that he was disappointed at first when I opened the door because he wanted a lady in her 40s and thought I was too young! He said he assumed I was lying about my age "like everyone else"...FYI I do not lie about my age. 

"Are your photos current?"

Most are only a few days or weeks old, several are a few months old, and a couple might be a year old just because I really love them. I use selfies and keep them current because the last thing I want is for you to feel disappointed or deceived when you get to my door - it's important to me that you are confident in your decision to come see me and then pleased when I open the door.

"What are your 'stats'?"

I don't get asked this anymore - I jokingly say that it's because someone who cares more about those details than my strength of character can't afford me anyways lol, which may or may not be true... but I really have found this question to be a solid clue that someone isn't looking for the depth of sensuality, passion, intimacy and pleasure that I offer. 

"How long have you been an escort and how long will you be?"

Just over 5 years now! Five glorious years! How long will I?, oh, who knows, maybe forever - I spend high quality time with some of the most amazing men I've ever gotten to know, so why would I ever stop?? 

"Why do you do this?"

Within about two minutes of meeting me you'll understand why! I am a normal girl who is intensely sensual, and so, just like you, this is a safe way to satisfy my hunger for unbridled passion so I can think clearly in the rest of my life haha. I truly am a nymphomaniac.

But it goes beyond physical, wayyy beyond physical - I love people, and I love this time for us to be relaxed and raw and vulnerable with each other. I believe it feeds both our souls and then that goodness trickles out into the other parts of our lives. It's a beautiful thing!

"Do you have an age restriction?"

I've decided to only see people 30+

"Can I be your first client of the day?"

Come see me at 5am if you really want to ensure we are starting our day together. Honestly, though, you don't need to concern yourself with this - you'll never know...I make sure of it. 

"How many clients do you see in a day?"

I'm not going to talk about other people while we are together, and I hope you don't want to either. I'm focused completely on you, so please don't make me think of anyone else. And you can trust that I schedule my day so you never need to worry about that.

"Do you get kinky?"

That depends what you consider kinky - it's best if you book a session and see what I'm naturally capable of.

"Bondage etc?"

Some light stuff just for fun.

"Are you a dom/sub?"

Nope. But I might restrain you some time and I will likely ask you to pull my hair at some point.

"Do you offer greek?"

Please refer to the 'rates' page, specifically the part that says not to ask about specific services. 

"Are you really a nymphomaniac?"

Yup. Not to be mistaken with being a sex addict. Although I had someone argue with me about the definition of a nymphomaniac, so let's just say that everything turns me on all the time and I don't get tired of it ever. 

"Do you have any fetishes?"

I have an intense oral fetish! I love to experience different sensations and textures and flavors with my mouth! And I also have an oral fetish for language, so you will definitely catch my attention if you use smart words!

"Do you get tested for STI?"

Yes, very regularly. I have never had an STI.

"Can you send me a picture of your face?"

No. Which is unfortunate because I'm told it's my selling feature lol. Discretion is crucial for me and for the people I spend my time with.

"Do you role play?"

No. I suck at faking stuff lol 

"Do you see couples and what's the rate?"

I really enjoy couples, as long as both are excited to have me join them. I don't charge extra if it's straightforward with a man and a woman or two women. But couples must book minimum 90 minutes because we need at least that time. 

Funny story: a husband insisted they only needed to book 30 minutes - 10 minutes to meet and greet, 10 minutes for foreplay, 10 minutes to finish him up...needless to say I didn't see them.

"Do you do outcalls?"


"Where is your incall?"

South Edmonton. A classy private residence that is discreet. 

"Can I take you out for dinner or to a concert?"

No, sorry I just don't have time for that. 

"Can we be friends?"

If what you mean is "can I spend time with you for free", then no. My 'free time' is reserved for my family. Some of my dearest, closest friends are people I look forward to seeing in our scheduled time together...and they appreciate and respect me too much to ask for my time for free.

"Can we date?"

No. Absolutely not. This is not a dating site. I provide an opportunity for deep intimacy and sincere passion WITHOUT THE STRESS AND DRAMA OF A RELATIONSHIP...why in the world would you want to ruin that?? 

"Are you a registered massage therapist? Can you give receipts?"

Yes I've been a clinical RMT for more than 20 years and I'm very good.  No, of course I cannot give receipts if you find me here. My massage therapy is a value added service.

"You've raised your rates, can I have the old rate?"

No darling. But I'm happy to provide a reference if you want to try someone else in your price range. 

"I don't want full service, so what is my rate?"

As I've stated numerous times, I do not have different rates for different 'services'. My rate is for my time. This is for two reasons:

1. If 'all you want' is a massage, for example, it will be the best massage and most sensually satisfying massage you've ever experienced - regardless how it 'ends';

2. You may surprise yourself with what you end up being in the mood for once we connect and as we explore each other, and I never want to be that girl who stops you to say "sorry hun, you didn't pay for that." 

"How far in advance do I have to book?"

I like to be spontaneous, but it's best if we can prearrange a time to get together. My availability depends on so many things. Always feel free to ask if I'm available last minute - it's so fun when that works out!

The Christa Carlyle Experience is intensely sensual professional companionship for 30+ who are looking for something different than a stereotype