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Christa Carlyle

My goal is for you to be pleasantly surprised and think of me for a long time!

| $500 / hour + $250 / half hour |

'Does my session time include showering?"

No, not usually, so it's a good idea to allow yourself some extra time for that in your schedule.


"Can I make an outfit request?"

It's better for both of us if I choose something I feel sexy in, but you're welcome to give me an idea of some things you like that might inspire me while I'm getting ready.

"What do you require for grooming/prepping?
I require every bit of you to be meticulously clean, including (especially) your mouth (especially if you're a smoker), so I can enjoy all of you. I have everything you need to freshen up when you arrive and before you leave. Other than that I only want you to feel sexy and comfortable, however that looks for you in regards to shaving, trimming, clothing, etc. 

"Do you use an answering service?" 

No, I answer my own messages and do my own scheduling. Connecting with you is important to me so I get a sense of who you are and we can start building excitement, so it feels like a natural continuation when you arrive.

"Do you do screening?"

Yes and I'm very particular! I screen for compatibility and chemistry. I won't continue to waste either of our time if our initial contact feels awkward, stressful, frustrating, irritating, confusing, or disrespectful. 

"Do you ever have 'specials'?"

I think it's pretty darn special when we can find time for each other! And all the things I do for you are special. I don't offer discounts, if that's what you mean, but I often do extra special things for people who appreciate it.

"Do you have restrictions for ethnicity?"

Jerks and assholes come in every ethnicity, so no.

"Do you accept gifts?"

I love being shown that I'm valued and appreciated! As long as they are actual 'gifts' and not meant to manipulate me in any way, eg extra time, extra 'services', etc. It's best to stay away from purchasing clothing, however you can send money or ecards and an idea of the outfit you'd like and I will go purchase it. E-transfers and e-cards can be sent to

'Why can't I ask about service details?"

Because it kills my inspiration and it shows me you probably want a performance instead of a real experience, so I'm not going to have fun and you're probably not going to get what you really want. You can read a variety of reviews on to find out enough about me to put your mind at ease about some of the things that are possible, but I never do anything out of obligation anyways so if you have specific expectations then you need to find someone who can make those promises or follow a script.


"Are you for real?"

I am. I really am. Obviously I'm not going to reveal all personal details about myself, but I don't change who I am for you.

"How old are you REALLY?" 

I'm 46 now, but I'm told I look closer to 36. And I don't alter my pics to make myself look younger - what you see is what you get.

"Are your photos current?"

Most are only a few days or weeks old, several are a few months old, and a couple might be a year old just because I really love them. The last thing I want is for you to feel disappointed or deceived when you get to my door - it's important to me that you are confident in your decision to come see me and then pleased when I open the door.

"What if I only want a half hour?"

I don't book anything less than an hour, or 40minutes for established relationships, but I'm confident you will feel that you've gotten full value even if you have to leave early once in a while (and I often go over the scheduled time, so it all works out.)

"What are your 'stats'?"

I don't get asked this anymore, which I think is because I do a good job of appealing to people who value more depth than that. But I think it's worth including here because I really have found this question to be a solid clue that someone isn't looking for the sensuality, passion, intimacy and pleasure that I offer. (Unless the question is asked for the purpose purchasing me a clothing gift, to which I say "Don't do it!!" lol - my curves make shopping very difficult!)

"How long have you been an escort and how long will you be?"

About 7 years now. How long will I?, oh, who knows, maybe forever. It's an outlet for my sensuality and passion, and the unconditional love I share with people feeds my soul! I can't think of why I'd ever stop. And no, age isn't a factor, because even when I'm 70 years old there will be a wonderful person craving this special intimate attention from someone who's closer to their own age :)

"Why do you do this?"

Within about two minutes of meeting me you'll understand why! I am a normal girl who is intensely sensual, and so, just like you, this is a safe way to satisfy my hunger for that unbridled passion so I can think clearly for the rest of the day! More than just a physical release, I love to love people and I savour this time for us to be relaxed and raw and vulnerable with each other. I believe it feeds both our souls and then that goodness trickles out into the other parts of our lives. It's a beautiful thing!

"Do you have an age restriction?"

I only spend time with people 30+ which I hope doesn't come across as ageism, it's just that my experience has shown that 30+ tends to be a good age range for compatibility. Although I made an exception for someone who said he was 29 but "with enough grey hairs to credit him a few extra years" lol. Obviously age isn't my only screening criteria ;)

"Can I be your first client of the day?"

Come see me at 5am if you really want to ensure we are starting our day together. But honestly you don't need to concern yourself with such things because I schedule my life around giving you my undivided attention.

"How many clients do you see in a day?"

I'm not going to talk about other people while we are together, and I hope you don't want to either because it's a total mood killer!  I'm focused completely on you, so please don't make me think of anyone else.

"Do you get kinky?"

That depends what you consider 'kinky' - some people think I'm a very kinky, dirty girl, and some think I'm rather vanilla. Actually, I've never heard anyone use the word 'vanilla' to describe me, but I'm sure there are people who think so lol. But often I have a way of working with your comfortability and curiosity to carefully move into territory that is 'kinky' to you.

"Bondage etc?"

I almost want to say no...but I do sometimes incorporate some light stuff to enhance an experience.

"Are you a dom/sub?"

Nope. But I might restrain you some time and I will likely ask you to pull my hair at some point.

"Do you have any fetishes?"

I have an intense oral fetish! I love to experience different sensations and textures and flavors with my mouth! And I also have an oral fetish for language...I think there's a word for that you will definitely catch my attention if you use smart words ;)

"Do you get tested for STI?"

Yes, very regularly. I have never had an STI.

"Do you role play?"

No. I suck at faking stuff lol 

"Do you do outcalls?"


"Where are you located?"

South Edmonton. Classy, private, discreet, and with everything we need for anything we want.

"Can I take you out for dinner or to a concert?"

No, sorry I just don't have time for that. (If I ever do make an exception, I don't have reduced 'social' rates.)

"Can we be friends?"

If what you mean is "can I spend time with you for free", then no. My 'free' time is reserved for my family. But I do have close friendships with the wonderful people who book time with me, and they are the people who appreciate and respect me too much to think it should be for free.

"Can we date?"

No. Absolutely not. This is not a dating site. I provide an opportunity for deep intimacy and sincere passion WITHOUT THE STRESS AND DRAMA OF A RELATIONSHIP...why in the world would you want to ruin that?? 

"Are you a registered massage therapist? Can you give receipts?"

Yes I've been a clinical RMT for more than 20 years and I'm very good.  No, of course I cannot give receipts if you find me here. My massage therapy is a value added service.

"You've raised your rates, can I have the old rate?"

No darling. 

"I don't want 'full service', so what is my rate?"

I think I've made it clear that if you have to ask questions regarding 'services' then I clearly don't offer the type of experience you're looking for. I am a master at providing an intensely, fully satisfying experience while respecting your boundaries and preferences.

"How far in advance do I have to book?"

I like to be spontaneous, but it's best if we can prearrange a time to get together. My availability depends on so many things. Always feel free to ask if I'm available last minute - it's so fun when that works out!

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