massage etc.

therapeutic, sensual, erotic

Professional massage with uninhibited sensual attention to detail.

I'm a skilled and talented massage therapist and an expert in sensual pleasure, so it's no surprise that I use massage in a variety of ways the entire time we are together - to relax, to comfort, to explore, to stimulate, to entice, to tease, to release. 


This isn't where you get a little massage before we 'get down to business', or where we 'get business done' and then use massage as a time filler. I purposefully weave various types of touch and stimulation throughout our session so it flows with how our focus changes - exploring your curiosities, respecting your boundaries, and taking care of all your needs so you feel better in every way.

$500 Hr.       $650 90min.       $900 2hr.

Jojoba Oil

I don't have to use oil at all, but usually warm oil feels so good while I massage and caress you everywhere ...however that looks for you - therapeutic, sensual, erotic. It's not unusual for me to have touched every part of you by the end of our time together, leaving you feeling completely relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated!

I exclusively use organic jojoba oil because of it's many nourishing and healing qualities. Also it's an oil that moisturizes your skin without leaving an oily film and it doesn't stain fabric, which makes it nice to not worry about having to scrub it off when you shower afterwards.

Nuru Gel

Nuru means "slippery" in Japanese and it's an erotic massage technique that is invigorating and create a sense of euphoria. This is an extreme full body contact massage where we are both covered in water-based nuru gel that is colourless, odourless, and very slippery. Often people use nuru gel to just slip around for sensual stimulation, but I've mastered more control so you can enjoy the full potential of this unique massage. I move all of me effortlessly but purposefully across you, over you, and under you, literally using my entire body to massage your entire body. The level of erotic stimulation and sensual relaxation is impossible to describe - you just have to see for yourself!

I use products that are made exclusively for nuru massage, including nuru seaweed gel and a fitted vinyl water-proof sheet that is machine washable. I make sure the room is warmer for our comfort, and plenty of towels and blankets are within reach. A loofa is helpful in the shower to get the gel off afterwards, so I provide one for you to use and then you can discard it or take it home with you.