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Christa Carlyle


Professional massage with
uninhibited sensual attention to detail


I'm a skilled and talented massage therapist (RMT) and an expert in sensual pleasure, so it's no surprise that I use massage the entire time we are together - to relax, to comfort, to explore, to stimulate, to entice, to tease, to release. 


I purposefully weave various types of touch and stimulation throughout our session so it flows with how our focus flows - 

Exploring your curiosities, respecting your boundaries, and taking care of all your needs so you feel better in every way.

| $500 / hour + $250 / half hour | 


I exclusively use 100% pure and organic jojoba oil, which is nourishing and healing for our skin and it moisturizes without possibility of irritation.

I certainly don't have to use an oil, if that's what you'd prefer, but I always have a bottle of jojoba oil warmed up just in case. This oil is flavorless and odorless, and it creates a glide that is simply wonderful in every way - whether it's for a more therapeutic touch or a more erotic touch.


It's not unusual for me to have touched every part of of you by the end of our time together, one way or another, so I say the oilier we get the better!

Nuru Massage

I use products designed for nuru massage, including water-based seaweed gel and a machine washable fitted vinyl water-proof sheet. The room is warmer than usual for our comfort, plenty of towels and blankets are within reach, and I provide a loofa to help wash off the gel in the shower (which you can then take home with you or discard it when you're finished with it.)

Nuru means "slippery" in Japanese, and that's not an understatement for nuru gel! Nuru massage is considered an erotic massage technique with extreme full-body contact while we are both covered in the water-based nuru gel that it colorless, odorless, flavorless, and extremely slippery.  While nuru massage is meant to be highly invigorating and create a sense of euphoria, often people use nuru gel to just slip around for some sensual stimulation - but I've mastered it so you can enjoy the full potential of this unique massage as erotic, sensual, and also therapeutic. The gel allows me to move all of my body effortlessly across your body, over your body, and under your body - literally using my entire body to massage your entire body! The sensations you'll experience are impossible to describe - you just have to see for yourself!

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