Christa Carlyle

independent escort #177367610-001

Classy, mature, sincere.

$500 75min.    $650 90min.     $900 2hr.

I specialize in providing intensely sensual, intimate relaxation for discerning people 30+ in Edmonton, Alberta. Every session is unique and the details depend on our chemistry and our mood, so it's an experience instead of a performance. People who enjoy their time with me are down to earth and sincere above all else, they find intelligence sexy, they crave deeper passion, and they don't want to risk being disappointed. 

It is my absolute pleasure to give you my undivided attention! My job is to show you how much more delicious everything can be, and I take my job very seriously! All you have to do is relax and escape the world of judgements and expectations for a while, and enjoy your time in my magical world of pleasure!