Christa Carlyle



I provide an individualized experience of intensely sensual and intimate relaxation. I cater to discerning gentlemen who are hoping to find the skill, integrity and maturity of professionalism, as well as the sincerity and spontaneity of a personal connection. 

Your safety, discretion, comfort and overall wellness are of utmost importance to me! I dedicate every moment of our time together to ensuring your complete satisfaction in every way - however that looks for you!  

Sweet and sensual... nurturing and caring... hot and sweaty... curious and playful... I can't wait to see what happens!

If you are someone who needs to see a 'service menu' to decide if you're interested, then I assure you we are not compatible because I prefer to not be limited by a list.

$500. 60min.     $650. 90min.    $900. 2hr.