Christa Carlyle

independent escort #177367610-001

Professional Intimacy With A
Personal Connection

$500 Hr.       $650 90min.       $900 2hr.

I am thrilled to give you my undivided attention as you join me in my magical world of sensuality and pleasure! I'm excited to discover who you are, what you need, and how to please you!


This is where you come for reprieve from obligations and expectations so you can truly relax, explore, play and discover. This is where you come for rejuvenation, so you can then get back to the business of life with renewed passion and inspiration.

I specialize in providing an individualized experience of intensely sensual and intimate relaxation. I cater to discerning gentlemen who are hoping to find the skill, integrity and maturity of professionalism, but also the sincerity, passion and spontaneity of personal connection.


You will find that my exceptional quality of care is second to none as I dedicate every moment of our time together to your complete satisfaction and overall wellness - however that looks for you. If you are someone who needs a 'service menu' to decide if you're interested, I assure you we are not compatible - this is where you come to be immersed in sensuality and explore it's possibilities, and I prefer to not be restricted by a check-list of expectations.