Christa Carlyle

independent escort #177367610-001

Genuine & Sincere


$500 75min.    $650 90min.     $900 2hr.

Classy and professional with the right amount of naughty! 

I specialize in providing a genuine experience of intensely sensual, intimate relaxation for discerning people 30+ in Edmonton, Alberta.


I take pride in my exceptional quality of care and my attention to detail as I dedicate 
every  moment of our time together to your complete satisfaction (however that looks for you*.) 

*Because each person's wants and needs vary, and can vary from time to time, every session is unique and the details always depend on our chemistry and our mood - so it's an experience instead of a performance. I take the journey with you, letting passion and inspiration be our guide! I only spend time with people who are excited to not be limited by a menu or a checklist.


I am compatible with people who are down to earth and open to possibilities, they find intelligence sexy, they crave deep passion and  real connection, and they want to feel like a normal person enjoying sensuality and intimacy with a normal person.

It is my absolute pleasure to give you my undivided attention as you escape to my magical world of pleasure, where it's actually all about you!