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It's best to come with no expectations at all - just an open mind and eagerness for a new experience of passion and pleasure!

The only thing you can always expect is a sincere love affair

The most personable, genuine, down to earth person I've ever met. Anywhere.

These quotes are taken from, where you will find 100% satisfaction from a wide range of experiences. 

Every encounter is unique and I cannot promise specific details ~

I opted for the 'Christa Hour' and guys, let me tell you, it's worth every penny. The things we accomplished in that 'hour' are nothing short of extraordinary. She touched, licked and sucked spots on my body I never knew I had (figuratively speaking, of course.) As soon as I walked in the door to her incall, I had this urge to shout "hi honey, I'm home' because she's that inviting. She truly embodies the  idea of the 'girlfriend experience'.

After reading many reviews on Christa...I can honestly say that everything ever written about Christa is 100% accurate. Christa  oozes "sex appeal" and is amazing at making you feel comfortable and at ease.I will not go into details and ruin the surprise for others, but if you have a chance you need to go see her.

Whether you are seeing the magnificent Christa for the first time, or are a repeat visitor, what she says is absolutely true - it is best to not go in with a plan. Christa is very much go with the flow and I don't know how she does this but she has the ability to not only figure out what you enjoy the most, but also what you may not have tried and you find out you do like it!

Last week was my first ever out of Parlor experience with the lovely and talented Christa Carlyle. The lady had a great knack for making me feel comfortable and my nervousness had dissolved in about 5 minutes. The woman made me feel pleasures that I have never felt before and definitely want to repeat soon. Thanks to all the fellas who recommended her and thank you Ms Carlyle for the craziest, wildest, funnest and hands down best sexual experience I have ever encountered.

Your place is like Disneyland for adults!

Where else can you go for the best love affair AND a therapeutic massage?!

This was my first time doing something like this! My nerves were up and down, I was just a mess. She was so nice and kind, and warm and easy to get along. Easy laugh, good conversation and very very passionate. So what else can I say, this was my first time and the best choice I could have done. She is just amazing. Location is great, parking is easy, her incall is great and warm, and she is truly a wonderful woman.

She is a very special person. I never met anyone in the business who makes me feel so comfortable and welcome right in the first moment. It was much more than meeting a sexy person. She is that too. It was actually to meet a real person not just a service provider. 

I was thinking about our last encounter and was really thinking can this get any better? Well I had to try and see. Our 3 hour playtime was the most intense fun I've had in my short time in this hobby. When I say Christa loves her job, she fucking loves I mean loves her job, and I love this about her. You will never find another woman who totally focuses on your wants and needs. She's one of a kind. 

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